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Hi there! My name is Frederic. I am a freelance web developer. It means that I am working from home for different companies. No office means lower costs for my services without compromising on quality. My specialty is to create web pages with unique static content. Here are some of my business principles.

Setting your Goals

Your website is talking about you 24/7. What do you want it to say? Who are you targeting with it's message? I can help you understand what you can achieve with your online presence.

Promoting Communication

An open communication between you and I is the only way to achieve your project successfully. We will both have questions. No worries! Let's communicate to work this out.

Attention to Details

Solving problems is a passion. It has helped me gain knowledge to complete your task. I know that every small detail can have a big impact. That is why I focus on doing it the way you want.

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Web Development

Create your new website responsive on any screen sizes. Update or refresh your actual website.

Graphic Design

Create a stunning and unique logo for your website. Up to 8 logo choices and 10 hours of graphics.

WordPress Blog

WordPress is running 30% of the Web. Get a website for your business or your personal blog.


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Web Development
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$ 499 CAD
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  • Branding
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  • CMS
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