Frederic Seguin

Frederic Seguin

Web Developer

The Word Wide Web

Some people point out that the Web can be used for all the wrong things. Other people say how their lives have been saved because they found out about the disease they had...

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tim berners-lee futur
15 June 2017
Build a website

Before buying a domain name and a hosting plan, you should try to gather all your content. Quality content will assure you more visitors and users and will rank you up ...

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content code
7 July 2017
Smart Entrepreneur

To become a smart entrepreneur, you must learn how to make good decisions quickly. Did you know that there are 4 decision-making models classified into 3 categories...

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decision trust
12 Sept 2017

Doing two things at once makes us feel as though we’ve somehow saved time. Many of us can't resist working in this way. But is it a good or a bad habit...

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priority time management
25 Nov 2017