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Termes et accords de conception graphique

Prepared for [CLIENT.Company] By Frederic Seguin

Partnering for Design Success

In today’s marketplace, image is everything. How your company looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions – with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. You cannot afford to present an unprofessional or inconsistent image in a competitive and crowded landscape.

Partnering with an experienced graphic design team ensures that your organizational image achieves maximum positive impact on your target audiences. You need a partner that understands how to create or revitalize an organization’s visual identity standards and extend these frameworks into creative, project-specific approaches.

About Us

Frederic Seguin is a web entrepreneur working in graphic design. Our company has been in business for over 2 years and includes creative professionals with 1 years of experience. Our expertise spans more than just in creating compelling designs; we also specialize in end-to-end project management to ensure that the designs we create achieve your desired outcomes. We work with you to evolve your ideas from concept to finished project.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Visual identity and brand standards development
  • Company branding conception
  • Logo design
Our Design Process
A Four-Phase Approach to Design Excellence

We believe that good quality design requires more than just creativity. It requires research, analysis and close collaboration with you to reflect your organization's vision, strengths, messages and priorities. To ensure that our design aligns with your expectations, we’ve developed a four-phase process to guide us every step of the way.

Phase I: Research

Before any actual creative work begins, Frederic Seguin conducts extensive background research. We will meet with you to understand your goals, audience needs and project expectations. In addition, we will conduct market, customer and competitive research to gather additional insight. Once our research is complete, we will provide a creative brief to summarize the results of our inquiries and outline the project, along with a detailed project schedule to ensure on-time delivery.

Phase II: Design

When our analysis is complete and you are on board with the initial concepts, design work begins. We keep your communication needs and priorities at the core of every design decision – from colors to image selection to font styles. Typically, we explore several different creative approaches before centering in oun our main creative ideas. Based on your feedback, we evolve these creative approaches into comprehensive design directions. As part of this process, we will deliver at least three creative concepts for your evaluation.

Phase III: Implementation

After you select your preferred creative direction, we begin design execution. Frederic Seguin works with you to select images and gather copies for the final design pieces. We produce draft outputs for your review and make sure that your input is reflected before any piece goes into production. When your quality standards (and ours) are achieved, we prepare your design pieces for final production. We collaborate closely with any third-party vendors (such as printers) to make sure that the finished product meets your expectations.

Phase IV: Evaluation

After the design is complete, we follow up with you to assess the outcome of the project. We are keen to hear not only your insights on our process and designs, but also any feedback you have received from your audiences. If desired, we can work with you to design data-gathering tools – such as customer surveys – to collect insight from your target audiences.

Project Overview
Project Background and Creative Goals

Based on our understanding of your needs, we will create [PROJECT NAME OR PROJECT DESCRIPTION]. We have discerned the following key facts about this design project:

Project Goals

[To be defined]

Target Audience(s)

[To be defined]

Key Milestones

Any successful design project requires careful management and adherence to strict due dates by our team and yours to achieve agreed-upon milestones. We will formalize a schedule after completion of Phase I: Research, as outlined in the section above, to include the following key milestones:

  • Conduct research to support creative development (Frederic Seguin)
  • Deliver first draft of creative brief (Frederic Seguin)
  • Provide feedback on creative brief ([CLIENT.Company])
  • Provide final creative brief (Frederic Seguin)
  • Assign job to designers (Frederic Seguin)
  • Present comparative design approaches for review (Frederic Seguin)
  • Provide feedback on designs and determine direction ([CLIENT.Company])
  • Provide final designs for approval (Frederic Seguin)
  • Approve final designs ([CLIENT.Company])
  • Deliver final designs for production (Frederic Seguin)
Letter of Agreement

This agreement is between [CLIENT.Company], hereafter referred to as CLIENT, and Frederic Seguin, hereafter referred to as CONTRACTOR.

Description of Work


Revisions or alterations to the scope of work or schedule may obligate the CLIENT to additional fees. These may include copy or layout changes made after initial CLIENT approvals. Extensive alterations, such as a change in marketing objectives or project goals, shall be considered new work and will require that this agreement be amended with a change order to reflect the revised scope of work.

Project Pricing
  • Total fixed fee for project: [PROJECT TOTAL COST]
  • Deposit due: [DEPOSIT DUE], 50% of agreed upon fee, due at time of agreement signing
  • Balance: [BALANCE DUE], 50% due date of delivery
Fee adjustments may be made due to rush delivery requests or prompt payment, as follows:
  • Urgent delivery requires a price increase of 30% of the total fixed fee defined above.
  • If full fee is paid on date of deposit, CLIENT shall receive a 5% discount on fees stated above. The pricing table below contains a detailed cost breakdown for each of our key areas of responsibility.
  • Cost Breakdown


    Ownership and Usage Rights

    Upon receipt of full payment, the CLIENT is hereby granted exclusive and unlimited usage and reproduction rights to the final designs prepared for the CLIENT as part of this project. CONTRACTOR reserves the right to reproduce any and all designs created in print and electronic media for CONTRACTOR’s promotional purposes.


    CLIENT has responsibility to proofread and review all work produced during the project. As a result, the client is fully responsible for any errors in spelling, typography, illustrative layout, photography or other errors discovered after printing or reproduction or for any work performed by third-parties selected by the CLIENT.


    In the event CLIENT cancels this agreement prior to completion, within five (5) business days of such cancellation, CLIENT shall pay CONTRACTOR for: (1) all work performed up to the date of termination; (2) all outside expenses and commitments that have been incurred and cannot be cancelled; and, (3) a cancellation fee equal to 15% of the remaining fees that would otherwise have been paid if the project would have been completed.

Frederic Seguin
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Frederic Seguin
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[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]